I Mille Ulivi

The farm

"I Mille Ulivi" Farm

Our fields represent for us also our family, our history and our culture. so, besides giving a detailed picture of the 'offer of accommodation in villas, we wanted to offer a synthesis of all that is on the farm, the beauty of nature that surrounds us, an' everyday experience that enriches our life.
Agriturismo I Mille Ulivi consists of 6 hectares, and is planted with olive trees, wheat and vineyards.
We invite our guests to visit the animals of our farm as: veal, pork, rabbits, geese, pigeons, goats, ducks, donkeys, horses, and the crops of the company.
The location is ideal for a stay immersed in a nature that maintains its appearance and charm.
The farm is surrounded by woods, meadows and an olive grove where you can still make harvesting olives by hand.
From here we can also visit the mill of family that in November is in business to produce our excellent extra virgin olive oil.
For over fifty years the Ritucci’s family has been handed down from father to son, the culture, the olive harvest to their pressing, typical Umbrian extra virgin olive oil, based of the Mediterranean cuisine, obtained from plants of Leccino, Frantoio, Muraiolo , San Felice and Dolce Agogia.
The love for the land, for tradition and simplicity make it a high quality product.
Extraction is cold without restricting the organoleptic qualities of the product, offering every day the unmistakable flavor of olive drupes and making of this oil ideal condiment for all your reach.
Another great product of our land is our Montefalco wine. Our vineyard allotment represents the territory’s tradition and gives life to our Wine Montefalco Red, Montefalco dry Sagrantino.

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